Thorough & Effective Roof Leak Repair in Reno

Nobody wants to come home to a leaky roof. Especially when one considers how quickly a tiny leak can escalate from a minor inconvenience into a major catastrophe if left unchecked. That is why the team at Burke Roofing Inc. is here to help you when you need roof leak repair in Reno.

Water damage is insidious and will quickly spread throughout your home if given a chance. Before you know it, you will be looking at more than just a soggy ceiling—you could end up dealing with structural instability, damaged walls, and ruined property. If given enough time to spread, your leak could cause enough damage to require a roof replacement

The Solution to Your Leak Problem

It takes a skillful approach when it comes to tracking down the source of a leak and fixing it properly. Thankfully, our experienced roofing professionals have the knowledge and tools necessary to stop your leaks before they get any worse or recur.

Remember that water will always travel down the path of least resistance. That means it may appear that water is getting in through one area, but it might actually be finding a way in through a completely different spot. Our team tracks down where the real trouble lies and then will seal the hole and repair the roofing material for you to ensure it doesn’t reoccur..

In the unfortunate case where your roof is too damaged or the material is too worn and beyond saving, a roof replacement is in order. Our team can handle this work for you as well, thanks to our talent and the effort of our skilled workforce. Contact us to learn more about the different roofing services we offer.