Thorough and Effective Roof Leak Repair in Reno

A leaky roof can quickly escalate from a minor inconvenience into a major catastrophe if left unchecked. Water damage is insidious and can spread throughout your home if given a chance. Before you know it, you’re looking at more than a soggy ceiling. You could be dealing with damaged materials you need to replace if the problem is persistent enough. Roof leak repair in Reno from our team at Burke Roofing Inc. is the answer.


It takes the skillful approach of experienced roofing professionals to track down the source of a leak and fix it properly, so it doesn’t worsen or recur. It may appear that water is getting in through one area when actually it’s finding a way in through one spot and traveling to where it drips. We can sort out where the real trouble lies and then seal the spot and repair the roofing material to make sure it doesn’t trouble you again.


In the unfortunate case that your roof is too damaged or the material is too worn and beyond saving, then a roof replacement is in order. We can handle that effortlessly as well, thanks to our talent and the effort of our workforce.