Professional Skylight Services in Reno, NV

Natural light adds a dimension of warmth and comfort to any building. Welcome even more into your property with a skylight. They are great for highlighting any spot you can imagine. For all your skylight services in Reno, NV, contact the experienced professionals at Burke Roofing Inc.

We are Your Skylight Tour Guide
There are many choices to consider when you decide to enhance your property and increase its value, by adding a skylight. The brands vary in features and function. There is a lot to take in, but our friendly staff is ready to guide you through the range of products.

If you’ve settled upon a Velux Skylight installation, take confidence in the fact that we are the only Five-Star authorized Velux distributor and installer in the Nevada area.

Our Skylights Meet Your Needs

Installing a skylight is not just a matter of cutting a hole in your roof and jamming one into the gap. There are a lot of factors to turn your mind to, not the least of which is whether you would benefit from one.

Other factors include:

Natural light is known to have many positive effects. It is proven to help improve health and happiness through simple exposure. Think of how sometimes it’s easy to feel down on a dull grey day. On those days, one of the things you might often hear is how grey it is. Even a little bit of light is a welcome relief.

Extra light has a positive impact on your power bill too. More natural light and less artificial light means a reduction in your electricity costs. Not only do they provide additional light, but skylights add ventilation as well.

Once you’ve concluded that a skylight is the way to go, we work with you to find the best one for your property. We evaluate your space and provide suggestions on size, shape, and features. If you’ve opted for Velux installation, we provide top-quality service and support, as we do for all our products. Everything is installed based on your desires and preferences.

Other options let daylight into your space as well. One of those choices for you to consider is skylight tunnel construction. We are fully experienced and qualified for these projects also.