Exceptional Skylight Installation in Reno, NV

Allow more sunlight into your house by having Burke Roofing Inc. perform skylight installation in Reno, NV. Our skilled contractors have the tools and experience needed to efficiently install your skylights. We also offer repair and maintenance services to take care of any issues with your skylights. Contact us to learn more about our skylight services and let our team add a new source of natural light for your home.

Velux Skylight Installer

Specializing in Velux Skylights

While there are many options to choose from when selecting a skylight for your property, we always recommend Velux as the brand of choice. As the only Five-Star authorized Velux distributor and installer in Nevada, you can have confidence that your skylight is installed by seasoned professionals. Additionally, Velux skylights are leak-proof, creating a tight seal between your roof and the window, so that only sunlight enters your home.

Installing a Skylight Is a Smart Move

There are many reasons why installing skylights in your home is a good idea. Skylights add significant value to your property, while also improving efficiency by allowing more light in, reducing your need for artificial light sources. Natural sunlight is also very beneficial for the wellness of your family, and with exposure overtime will help improve the overall health of everyone in your home. Additionally, with a skylight tunnel, you can direct the light into specific areas of your home to add even more natural light into spaces where it was not possible before.